Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mobile Number Portability is here!

Yes, you heard it right. Finally the much awaited Number Portability has become a reality in India. It was launched in Haryana on Thursday, 24th Nov 2010. And by the beginning of 2011, it will be available to all the subscribers in India. In simple words, Number Portability allows consumers to retain their phone numbers even when they switch operators. Now this is going to benefit both the consumers as well as the service providers. How? Well, here in this post, I've gathered some information about it from various sources so that it can help people to have more idea about it.

What is Number Portability?
Number Portability allows consumers and businesses to keep their existing telephone numbers when they switch operators. It, literally, means that numbers are portable from operator to operator - whether that opertor is a mobile, wireline, or VoIP service provider.

How does it benefit the consumer?
It gives subscribers the freedom to choose operators based on criteria like services, price, and customer service. Their freedom of movement is not influenced by the inconveniences and costs that come with changing numbers.

How does it benefit the operators?
It also makes it easier for operators to compete for customers, precisely because it eliminates a major barrier to churn - that is, reluctance to change numbers. Although this increased risk of churn is a concern among some operators, number portability has been a huge success around the world, because it helps to level the playing field, giving all operators more opportunities to grow their subscriber bases and revenues.

How to Port your Number?
The six simple and quick steps for porting your number is shown in the image below.


How much will it cost you?

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has fixed a ceiling of Rs. 19 as porting charges that the new service provider may collect from the subscriber. The money will go to the clearing house for facilitating the service.

For pre-paid customers, do note that migrating your number to a new carrier will mean that you shall be losing any prepaid balance that you have in your existing account. So remember to use up all your carrier minutes before you approach the new carrier.

Post-paid users need to remember that the MNP application could be rejected if you have not completely paid all your dues with the existing carrier. Make sure your last bill has been paid for.

I hope these informations would help you in understanding what Number Portability means and how you can change your service provider without changing your number.
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